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Data on Skin absorption of cosmetic ingredients is essential to assure safe use of products. Such studies are validated and regulated by international regulatory bodies such as OECD, CTFA (now Personal Care Products Council) and WHO. This article outlines the design, methodology and result documentation for in vitro skin absorption studies for topically applied compounds.

Hydroxycinnamic Acid (HCA) is an anti-oxidant with a radical scavenging activity. It has also been shown to inhibit the rate-limiting enzyme tyrosinase in the biochemical production of melanin. An eight-week take home pilot study was conducted in Asian women to study the reduction in epidermal tryptophan levels. HCA showed superiority over hydroquinone and magnesium ascorbyl phosphor in reduction of tryptophan levels.

Measurement of Tryptophan and pepsin digestible cross linked collagen after UV exposure of human skin is a well known model to simulate and evaluate changes induced by photo-aging. this article documents a clinical study using this model to demonstrate the anti-aging effects of Hydroxycinnamic acid in comparison to well known antioxidants Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate and hydroquinone.

Every element that has life in it is destined to grow, undergo changes, age and ultimately die. This briefing here elucidates various pathways to programmed cell death. It describes the key players and machinery at cellular level that drive the natural progression of aging and eventually apoptosis or death and implications to divergence from this natural process.

Here the authors depict anti-microbial activities of natural compounds isolated from human skin surface against sweat malodor causing bacteria. It implicates an approach for use of such natural as safer alternatives to use of chemicals that cause concerns with skin absorption.

This article highlights the role of intercellular lipids and ceramides in stratum corneum structure and function. various models documented in literature to describe its structure are discussed. In essence our understanding of these components is fundamental to innovation of therapies to improve skin barrier and fight various skin conditions.

LipoLight® OAP/PVA consists of 5 micron-sized fluorescent particle that emit and diffuse visible light to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections such as wrinkles and pores. A quantitative clinical study was performed to compare LipoLight® OAP/PVA optical effect to commercially available soft-focus powders. The appearance of wrinkles, pores, and evenness of the skin was significantly improved after application of LipoLight® OAP/PVA and it was significantly superior to alumina or boron nitride.

Delivery of topically applied compounds to the desired levels and targets areas in skin is cirtical to their effectiveness. This article provides a comprehensive overview of various approaches to penetration of skin care actives. It also reveals certain agents and technologies to enhance penetration.

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