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Hylasome®EG10 is a chemically cross linked hyaluronic  acid derived from a non-animal source. It possesses an exceptionally high water-binding capacity resulting in excellent moisturizing abilities. It is also a scavenger of damaging free radicals. Hylasome®EG10 has a unique non-equilibrium gel structure with gel domains that hold tightly bound water. The material forms a film on the skin and delivers this water over time.

Jojoba Buttercreme™ is a creme base containing Shea Butter and Jojoba Butter which provides moisturization and protection to both skin and hair. Jojoba Buttercreme™ functions as a secondary/auxillary emulsifier and natural neutralization agent.

Since 1978, Desert Whale has created quality products while preserving the health and beauty of our natural world. With concern for plastic micro-particles contaminating our oceans and waterways, Desert Whale developed four different exfoliants derived from jojoba. These products are great natural alternatives to polyethylene beads. This exfoliant line is just one of the many environmentally friendly products from Desert Whale.

Jojoba Glaze® is a clear, anhydrous gel available in two viscosities. Jojoba Glaze® provides gloss and shine to skin and hair while delivering substantive emolliency. In addition, both glazes are excellent for suspending pigments, sun blocks, and particulates such as sugar.

Jojoba Illuminate™ is saponified jojoba oil that provides conditioning and moisturizing properties to skin and hair care products.  Jojojba Illuminate™ can be used as a natural neutralizing agent instead of NaOH or KOH.  Jojoba Hydrate™ is an unique combination of Jojoba Soaps and Jojoba Fatty Alcohols that functions as a natural, secondary auxillary emulsifier. Jojoba Hydrate™ increases skin hydration and conditions the hair.

Lipobrite® HCA-4 is a skin brightening system consisting of a solution of pure hydroxycinnamic acid (HCA) designed to ensure its bioavailability to the skin.

LipoLight® OAP/PVA (Optically Activated Particles/Polyvinylalcohol) is a unique, patented luminescent ingredient that emits and diffuses visible light to dramatically reduce the appearance of skin imperfections. The 5 micron particles are undetectable by the naked eye and consist of a fluorescent core encapsulated with a cross linked polyvinylalcohol (PVA).

Liposhield® is the first cosmetic ingredient designed to protect the skin from damaging high energy visible (HEV) light.

Liposilt® is a naturally occurring bioactive silt, rich in organic components ideal for nourishing, moisturizing and treating hair and skin. Liposilt is collected from two of the 240 freshwater lakes in Eastern Europe.. Two types of Liposilt® are collected from these lakes, Liposilt® Green and Liposilt® Black

Download our presenation on Lipo's Natural Exfoliants.  This is a platform offering a variety of natural alternatives to chemical exfoliators. 


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