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Plandool® MAS- Formerly Yofco® MAS

INCI Name: 
Phytosteryl Macadamiate

Plandool® MAS is the ester of macadamia nut oil fatty acids and soy phytosterols. Plandool® MAS is a plant derived analogue of cholesterol esters, which are intercellular lipids in the lamellar structure of the stratum corneum and play an important role in the barrier function of the skin. Forms liquid crystals that are similar to the intercellular lamellae structures in the stratum corneum. Plandool® MAS has high water holding capability and is a plant-derived lanolin substitute.

Key Benefits:

  • Plant Derived Analogue of Cholesterol Esters
  • Forms Liquid Crystals
  • High Water Holding Capability

Available from Lipo in the US and Canada.

Chemical Type: 
Use Level: 

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